Piano Restoration

Full or partial – depending on your needs

We are able to full restore your piano to its former glory. For major jobs such as soundboard and wrest plank replacement we work in conjunction with other companies.

Piano Tuning

We have tuners who work in conjuction with us and can put you in touch with the right person

Piano Repairs

Polyester repairs

Most new pianos are now finished in polyester. Small chips and scratches can be repaired by us on site.

French polish repairs

This can be done on-site.

Transportation throughout the UK

We work with all the major piano transport companies in the uk and are able to help you from a simple location move within your own home to a move anywhere in the world.

Full case re-polish

This will require your piano being brought to our workshop. We are able to create any colour and finish.

Key recovering

If your piano keyboard is missing the white coverings or the fronts are chipped, we are able to remove the old coverings and recover with ivorelle plastic.

Key repairs

We keep a stock of old ivory keys recycled form pianos that have gone on to be destroyed. We try will match these with your keyboard.

Silent systems fitted

A lot of new pianos now come with a silent system fitted. This enables the piano to be played without the hammers hitting the strings and the sound be heard whilst wearing headphones. We can retro fit a system to most pianos.

Celeste rails

Celeste rails are also known as practice pedals. We are able to custom fit these to most makes of upright pianos.

Safety caster for grand and uprights

If your piano is moved frequently it make sense to have these fitted for safety and ease of moving.