How much does it cost to restore a piano?

This is a difficult question to answer; as the amount of work varies from piano to piano. The best way to find out is to arrange an estimate. A visit to our workshop before you decide to get the work done would enable us to show you the process and give you confidence in the quality and care your piano will receive while with us.

How long does it take to restore a piano?

Your piano could be with us for around 3 months depending on the amount of work  involved and we would be happy to supply you with a replacement instrument while your piano is with us if required. You would also be welcome to visit our workshop to see the work in progress.

Restore existing piano or buy a replacement?

If you go to a shop that sells new pianos they will advise you to get rid of your old piano and that it’s not worth restoring. Remember buying a piano is generally a once in a life time purchase. Sadly many pianos are disposed of these days when they could be restored. Also many pianos will have become part of the family and we can bring them back to life and make them a joy to play again. So why not upcycle

Older pianos have a lot of character, and can add to the features in a house.

If you still feel you want a new piano please talk to us and we can advise you on a model suitable to meet your needs. There are many cheap new pianos on the market which are not very well made so buying a new one over the restoration of your old one could indeed be a bad decision.

What do I look for in a piano?

  1. The sound
    As a piano is made mainly from wood and metal, the sound produced is unique to each instrument. Each person has personal taste when it comes to sound. We have seen many people play the same piano where one person likes it and the other does not.
  2. The touch
    This is when the key is pressed down – again each piano feels different.
  3. The look
    Most pianos look different and you will want one that fits in with your home.
  4. The price
    We understand everyone has a different budget and we will do our utmost to reach a mutually acceptable arrangement.

Can you move our piano?

We work in conjunction with local and national specialist piano moving companies. We are able to offer transport to any part of the UK. We can also offer moving to first floor or above and can also arrange piano removals abroad.

Can you dispose of our piano?

We are able to dispose of old pianos if required. Please get in touch for a quote.